I Need Facial

Ever since you left
I'm trying to cope with this pain
Heaven knows why, it's not you that keeps burning me
But your seeds
That you left inside of me

Turns out, getting over is rather hard
Living as a colossal charade is now also boring
I keep drawing circles and find myself where I started
I want to go out ona friday night, only to see you with someone new
To test my highly-Streepized mood to realize if everythings is alright,
And smile with a twisted face
I got cold with a heartache
And I do not think that it'll ever go back without your cumming, on the other hand

An award for the best performance by a leading actor goes to you this year
I even applaused on my feet
Perhaps, if I'd cry you a river
Everything would be nice with me

Come and slap my face
That'd make you feel good too, also
My goal could change from running to you
To running away from you
It's a possibility

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